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Terri Hanlon is the author of two feature-length video works, Meringue Diplomacy (2010) and Inversion of Solitude (1993.) Both integrate performances by a circle of her gifted artist colleagues with music, lighting, videography and costumes by noted composers and designers.

Her work has been shown at the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, The Alliance Française,  Anthology Film Archives, The Kitchen in New York City, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, London Video Arts, Western Front, Vancouver and Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. It has also been broadcast on PBS.

Her pieces are a mixture of images employing video technology and computer graphics to reveal aspects of American and European sociology and history.

She is known also for her portraits which combine photography with digital graphics, her designs of conceptual art cards and CD covers, and for a number of experimental music videos employing cutting-edge digital technology.

Her Iris print portraits are in private collections in Thailand, Germany, Spain and the United States. Meringue Diplomacy is in the collection of MACBA in Barcelona.

In 2007 she directed the Roulette TV online video series, ten programs featuring performances by and interviews with a broad spectrum of avant-garde composers, which can be viewed online at ubu.com and roulette.org

Hanlon has been exhibiting professionally since age 16, when she was in her first show at the San Francisco Art Institute. (Her date at the Senior Prom was a Leica M-3 still camera.) She earned a BFA degree from the California College of Arts and Crafts and an MA from San Francisco State University and studied the history of photography at the University of New Mexico with Beaumont Newhall. ________________________________________________________________

Selected List of Works

The Frog in the Pond (2012—2013)

Work currently underway: a video documentary about visual, ceramics and sculptural artwork created in Davis, California in the Sixties by a number of artists sometimes referred to as “The California Funk Art Movement.” (Among the artists were Robert Arneson and David Gilhooly.) Music for the new piece is by Saturday Night Live music director Lenny Pickett and the NYU Block Party Band.


Meringue Diplomacy (2009—2012)

A video with music, inspired by the life of the great chef Antonin Carême.


Jacques Bekaert as Talleyrand, Eric Barsness as Carême, Carol Clements as Lady Morgan.

Choreography by Carol Clements.

Composers: David Behrman, Jacques Bekaert, Jon Gibson, Barbara Held, John King, Laetitia Sonami.

The work was premiered at French Institute Alliance Française in New York, April, 2011 and has been shown at Anthology Film Archives, Roulette Intermedium, Maison Française at Columbia University, Basilica Hudson, Atlantic Center for the Arts and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The piece is now on UbuWeb.

Archive Collection: MACBA: Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, Spain


I Love You in Spite of the Pain (2002)

DVD (in response to 9/11)

3' 11"

music by David Behrman

Post-Glamour Summit, Performance/Video Festival, 2002, at New Langton Arts, San Francisco.


The Vanishing Tower (2000)

An earlier installation version of a scene from Meringue Diplomacy.

3' 24" video plus 10 large format Iris prints.

Eric Barsness as Carême.

Choreography by Carol Clements.

music by Laetitia Sonami

The Iris prints were derived from images of the characters in the video. The piece was shown, as a combination video and print installation, at Studio 5 Beekman, NYC (May, 2000) and at Metrònom Gallery in Barcelona, (Sept / Oct 2001.) In 2004 Metrònom published a catalog featuring images from the piece and an interview with the artist.

(Metrònom 2001 | 2002)

The Vanishing Tower video was purchased for the collection of the Copia Museum, Napa, CA.


Inversion of Solitude (1993)

Narrative video based on the life story of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, a Catholic saint whose story has traditionally been taught in Catholic schools as a major tool of social indoctrination.


Carol Clements as St. Thérèse; Eric Barsness as Jesus.

Original Soundtrack by Frankie Mann.

Previewed (1993) at Wesleyan University. Premiered at Video Visions at the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, 1993. Screenings, 1994: Mill Valley Film Festival; American Film Institute: National Video Festival; Women in the Director's Chair; Mills College.

Television Broadcast (1993): WNYC-TV

Searanch — The True Story (1988)

Music Video plus Quantel paintbox graphics


original soundtrack by Frankie Mann.

Screenings: San Francisco International Film Festival (1988); New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (1990). Television Broadcast: WNYC-TV's Salute to New Music America (1989).


I Should have Stayed Home (1986)

Music video/special effects, using computer manipulated laser disk player with custom software by Jonathan Cohen.

2' 35"

music by Rhys Chatham.

Screenings: International Festival of Video Music, Saint Brieuc, France (1986); San Francisco International Video Festival (1986). Television Broadcast: KQED-TV, S.F. (1986)


Way Downtown (1984)

Music Video (with special effects using Via Video Paint System, one of the first digiatl paint systems on the market.)


Music by Rhys Chatham.

Screenings: Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria (1987). Television broadcasts (1987, 1988): New Television series on WNET, New York, and WGBH, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles.


Context Galore (1984)

Music video with special effects.


Music by "She's Wild," Lyrics by Terri Hanlon.

Award winner, Video Shorts Festival, Seattle WA (1986); Other screenings 1984 / 1985: Mill Valley Film Festival; Anderson Gallery (University of Virginia); Alternative Museum, New York.

¿Donde esta the Donner Party? (1982)

Music video

lyrics and music by Terri Hanlon and "She's Wild."

2' 25"

Screenings (1985): Mill Valley Film Festival; Women's Video Showcase at Opera Plaza Theater presented by Video Free America, San Francisco.


Performance Work/Installation


Fairy Tale Manifesto (2001)

Installation including video, computer graphics and six foot steel flower

The Kunstklatsch Bimillennial, Pacific Studios, Brooklyn, NY


This Setup No Picnic (1982)

Collaborative Performance with Fern Friedman, Julie Lifton, Frankie Mann. New York, N.Y. Video Set design/Stage Performance


The EVA Sisters (1977-1981)

Co-Creator of the Eva Sisters, (with Fern Friedman and Deborah Slater), a multimedia performance art group which toured nationally over a five year period with a repertory of six pieces. Performed at: The Kitchen, N.Y ,N.Y.; Franklin Furnace, N.Y., N.Y.; Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT; Performance Gallery, S.F. CA; Fort Mason S.F., CA; Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, D.C.; Armory for the Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; L.A.I.C.A., Los Angeles, CA



Work in Collections

MACBA: (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona), Spain

LUX, London England

CAIXA FORUM, mediateca, Barcelona


SMITHSONIAN Archives of American Art, Washington: Exhibition files 1974—1987



Other Related Projects

ROULETTE TV Director, 2007—2008. Directed series of interviews and performances by ten New York composers for the internet television wing of the downtown Manhattan performance venue. [http://www.ubu.com/film/roulette.html]

Managing Director, Roulette Intermedium, 2004—2006

Portraits, Prints, Card Announcements, CD Covers, Theater Backdrops 1993 — present:

Recipient of commissions from various individuals to create high-end IRIS print portraits from elements including photos, scanned objects and video

Designed CD covers for albums on the labels Lovely Music and XI (Experimental Intermedia)

Designed announcement cards and posters for Roulette calendar events and for various concerts and shows in New York and California

Designed backdrop designs for two productions at Roulette, NYC:

Frankie Mann's Social Strata Symphony (Video backdrop) and Laetitia Sonami's And She Keeps Coming Back / Wilford Wants You (Still backdrop)



Teaching / Guest Lecturer 1993 - present


Columbia University's Maison Française

The Jewish Museum, NYC

Tyler School of Art , Philadelphia

William Penn High School, Philadelphia

School of Visual Arts, NYC


Arts Panel Memberships

Gameworks/World Studio Foundation: Awarding of scholarships to film and video makers.



BFA California College of Arts and Crafts (1975)

MA Interdisciplinary Arts, San Francisco State University (1978)

California College of the Arts (1978)

University of New Mexico (1975-6)

studied history of photography with Beaumont Newhall and

photography with Ray K. Metzker




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quotes from press / miscellaneous publications


"This film is more inventive than anything you'll find over at the Angelika."

Sarah Enelow, Not for Tourists (website covering NYC arts & culture)

April 27, 2011


"the artist Terri Hanlon put together a wonderful video, music and print project that "starred" Carême and Talleyrand."

Priscilla Parkhurst Furguson, in Writing Out of the Kitchen, Carême

and the Invention of French Cuisine, Gastronomica, summer 2003


"The result is an explosive mix which in no way can leave the viewer feeling indifferent."

Roser Messa, La Netro Barcelona, Oct. 16, 2001


"A series of compositions overflowing with irony and imagination."

M. LL. B., La Vanguardia, Barcelona, Nov. 9, 2001


"accomplished satire"

Caryn James, New York Times, October 8, 1993