short bio

Terri Hanlon is the author of two feature-length video works, Meringue Diplomacy (2010) and Inversion of Solitude (1995.) Both integrate performances by a circle of her gifted artist colleagues with music, lighting, videography and costumes by noted composers and designers.

Her work has been shown at the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, The Alliance Franšaise,  Anthology Film Archives and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and broadcast on PBS.

She is known also for her portraits which combine photography with digital graphics, her designs of conceptual art cards and CD covers, and for her early experimental music videos which were on the forefront of Nineteen-Eighties digital technology.

Her Iris print portraits are in private collections in Thailand, Germany, Spain and the United States. Meringue Diplomacy is in the collection of MACBA in Barcelona.

In 2007 she directed the Roulette TV online video series, ten programs featuring performances by and interviews with a broad spectrum of avant-garde composers, which can be viewed online at ubu.com and roulette.org

The New York Times has called her work “accomplished satire.”